Imagine a world where women are always  recognized as the Queens they are. A world of empowerment and celebration among Queens. Queens empowering Queens. Welcome to MGI USA. #QueensRise

Mission Statement: When Queens rise worlds change and lives are empowered.

MGI USA Sponsorship Opportunities

MGI USA   Pageants

Benefits of Sponsorship
With marketing expanding sponsorships are a great exposure for companies and organizations such as yours.  By providing sponsorship to MGI USA “Misses Glamour USA” you broaden visibility and your competitive edge nationally and internationally. Your company's image, branding and products or services will be surrounded by empowered, diverse new clients and customers.
~Empowered Businesses Empower Queens

~Diverse Demographic  
MGI USA “Miss Glamour USA” is the new age pageant system recognizing Queens rise and never age out. We are the first pageant organization providing women over age 40 the opportunity to continue to empower and change worlds. We have 3 divisions that give women ages 24-45 the opportunity to forever shine, change worlds and empower all.

MGI USA Divisions:  Miss, Ms. Mrs. (married, single, divorced. with or w/o children)

~Why Market in Pageantry  
Over 1 million women compete in pageants yearly. Now that number just increases with the age cap lifted. Welcome to MGI USA

Business receive increased publicity as Queens promote and become ambassadors for your brand. Have a Shirt, our queens will wear and the world including social media will follow! Everyone wants to be a Queen.

Additional Marketing packages are available.

Welcome to MGI USA the home of Miss, Ms. and Mrs. Glamour USA. MGI USA believes we can empower our Queens by empowering your business. When Queens stand in unity worlds change. When you become a sponsor of MGI USA “Misses Glamour USA” you empower change in the worlds in which these Queens arise! You are not just a sponsor but an Empowered Honorary Member of MGI USA which includes international exposure.

Our delegates are selected through a appointed titles, current tile from another system or a state or regional pageant.  The winner (s) will continue on to the international pageant each year. The age range of our Queens is 24-45. This provides and empowers your business the opportunity to connect a targeted age group of women with different needs and desires. The diverse audience will provide a greater audience and pool of opportunity. MGI USA allows your business to be marketed and promoted both locally, nationally and internationally. Sponsorship opportunities are not only monetary. Services and products are accepted.

National Pageant: May 2017 International Pageant: June 28th 2017- July 3rd 2017
Location: Washington DC Location: Belgium

Our prize packages are infused with sponsorships of services and products from organizations and companies that believe in the advancement and empowerment of women in every area of life. Thank you in advance for your consideration and contribution! For more information on becoming a sponsor please email for sponsor agreement.  ​

Sponsorship Details  

Queens Empowering Queens