Shenetta Malkia is originally from Jamaica Queens NY. Over the last 15 years she has worked in the Multi-Family Housing Industry as a certified Housing Mgr. Pagentary became a new part of her world in 2014.  Wearing multiple hats with many passions, Shenetta continued to follow her dreams of working in the TV and Film industry, fashion industry and the arts. As a woman who believes in remaining teachable, Shenetta continues to evolve in multiples areas of her life. She is a beautiful, inspired by life, warm hearted woman of God who desires to impact all those in whom she comes in contact with. Shenetta Malkia is the CEO of Malkhia Relations LLC & MGI USA. She is a Mentor, Philanthropist, Life Speaker, Pageant Coach, Model, Actress and Consultant. Shenetta has received multiple awards in the area community service, property management and pageantry. Most recent award provided by the VKN Foundation in 2015.

Modeling began at age 15 in Hyattsville, MD for Shenetta. She also studied piano, and dance at Oxendine Music Academy. The camera has always been her friend recording her life frame by frame. Continuing her education at Fox Modeling Academy in VA. She learned to walk the runway and took home her first Best Runway Trophy. This was the first win with many more to follow. Shenetta attended AIU in Atlanta GA studying Fashion Merchandizing and Film Production. Shenetta later attended Bowie State University pursuing a BA in Business Administration.

Shenetta has worked with some great coaches (Bill Duke), producers, casting directors (Kim Harden), and directors which continues to build her career. She has won the titles of Ms. Baltimore United States 2014, Ms. Maryland United States 2014 & Ms. Congeniality United States 2014, 2016 International Ms. Maryland, 2016 International Ms. Congeniality and also 1st winner up in the national 2016-17 International Ms. Pageant. . Shenetta has also worked as the Ambassador for African Arts and Fashion Week DC.

Community Service is the heartbeat of Shenetta. She is the Founding President of Empowerment Essence a Maryland 501c3 Charity. The focus is No Bulling & Suicide Prevention which are also the charity platforms for MGI USA.

MGI USA will donate  a portion of all funds to Empowerment Essence to aid in the reduction of suicides nationally and internationally.

Ms. Malkia serves on the Governor’s commission for Suicide Prevention in the state of Maryland and also the Maryland SPIN advisory Board for Suicide Prevention.

#QueensRise "One Life Saved is One Life Given"

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